Explore Scalable Workforce
with AI Copilots

Easily Customize and Deploy Your AI Assistants to
Complete Complex Tasks End-to-end.

Boost Productivity
Maximize Efficiency with AI-
Powered Precision
Reduce Costs
Economize Operations with Smart
AI Integration
Customize at Scale
Personalize Solutions for Unique
Needs with Scalable AI
Tailored For Your Processes
Plug and Play
iMean Copilot
An autonomous AI agent completes complex
web tasks end-to-end.
iMean Builder
An Intuitive tool for easy data
annotation and the creation
of customized copilots.
iMean Workforce
Assemble your tailored AI
workforce. Multiple agents
working across multiple tools.
All in One Solution
Distinguishing Excellence
in AI & Automation
Elevate efficiency with iMean AI: Customizable copilots, pioneering technology, and advanced
intelligence, all in one solution
Customizable AI Copilots
Equip AI copilots with your unique processes and
knowledge using iMean AI’s no-
workers adapt, learn, and customize to your business
Customize agent knowledge with your data sources
Customize agent behavior with specified instructions
Customize security & safety policies based on use case
Effortless Integration & Accessibility
Seamlessly merge iMean AI into your daily workflow with
an intuitive floating bar for easy access to automations or
starting new tasks through simple conversation. It's like
having a smart, always-ready assistant at your fingertips.
Human-like Software Interaction
Experience the future of AI with our unique Language-
Action Model, designed to mimic human interactions like
typing and clicking, offering unparalleled efficiency in
software operations
Comprehensive Workflow Automation
Automate complex workflows end-to-end, not just
isolated tasks. Enhance productivity by 10x with AI workers
focused on innovation, freeing you from repetitive tasks.
Advanced Cognitive Capabilities
Discover AI coworkers capable of multi-step reasoning
and memorization, tailored for a broad range of tasks.
Their evolving intelligence means continuous
improvement in your automated processes
Secure By Default
iMean AI ensures your operations are secure and ready
for business and individuals, eliminating the need for
multiple product integrations. Our platform offers:
Purpose-built models for response with minimal delay
Advanced content moderation to ensure safety in responses
Simplified audit logs and role-based access for secure use
iMean AI Ecosystem
Unlock Collective Productivity

Explore a diverse landscape of both user-generated and official AI Copilots, crafted to meet a wide
array of needs

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