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Your personal AI Assistant that understands natural language and executes digital tasks

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iMean AI
How it Works
Effortless Automation through Generative AI
Say goodbye to tedious setup and dive into automation with iMean's custom-made, ready-to-go solutions. Embrace the future of efficiency, now just a click away.
Accomplish Tasks with
Natural Language
Enter your request into our magic box, like how you talk to a friend, and watch as iMean seamlessly completes your tasks, delivered in minutes.
Beyond Simple Process Automation with Adaptive Intelligence
Unleash your full creative potential with an AI that doesn't just automate but learns, adapts and excels in your unique scenarios.
Universal Compatibility & Seamless Software Integration
Benefit from our cross-platform execution across all your favorite tools. Ready to streamline your workflows with one single AI assistant? Join us now.

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Beta Access
The Ultimate Solution
Early Features and Use Cases
Schedule Zoom / Google Calendar meeting
Effortlessly schedule Zoom and Google Calendar meetings and invite your guest based on your desired time & topic
Copy info to Google Sheets / Notion
Search for apartments & reply to listings
Draft email and Twitter
Coming Soon
Full Scenario Capabilities

iMean AI is constantly evolving to expand its capabilities across various industries and roles. In the near future, we'll be providing full-scenario capabilities for:







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