Realtor AI Assistant

Augment your workflows using domain specific AI models trained by and for professional realtors.

Enhanced Productivity
Free realtors from routine tasks, boosting the focus on closing deals
Improved Client Interaction
Enhance client experience with timely and informative responses
Unmatched Scalability
Manage more clients without compromising on service quality
AI-Driven Solutions
for Today’s Dynamic Realtors
iMean AI provides a suite of features tailored to realtors and real estate firms across the entire work cycle
Personalize client education with tailored
insights on market and regulations
Streamline property research with
automated, precise workflows
Form Q&A
Analyze, and interact with disclosure
forms using natural language
Digital Twin of You
A real estate domain-specific AI model, fine-tuned with your unique data, knowledge and experience, acting as your digital twin.
Actionable AI Assistant
Go beyond content generation with an AI that mimics human actions, seamlessly operating devices and applications, completing complex tasks without any setup.
Robust Security
Constructed with the highest security standards to ensure your data remains protected at all times.
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